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Political Forum Comments:

No posting codes for you today.....hahahahahaha

Marquez=A S S H O L E Enough said.

Posting Codes
For all you Freedom Fighters you can log onto w w w . m s r e s i d e n t s . c o m and register online so that you can be identified, confirmed to be notified when the blog is up, and issued a posting code to any other site. Marquez never answers questions directly as he is to busy with keeping his eye on the ball game for all. There are plenty of Freedom Fighters with his level of knowledge that will be happy to respond to all questions. Soon a new blog will be set up with verifiable email address for those that want to come on and post legitimate questions and not political bantering. As the City Council moves onto the next phase of redevelopment with their Redevelopment Efficiency Movement (REM) we will all rally to expose and stop them. Just because they lied to everyone in order to get elected they will have to expose themselves as they have to push redevelopment within the 6 months no recall window. So they are rushing City Council meetings almost once per week.

The Original Nery-O
Marie Mascaro was the first Nery-O attacking all opponents of the Cavalier Optimist in the Gazette. Even though she lived in Virginia Gardens her family worked for Doug Orr Plumbing, which is the second leg of the three legged political power structure in Miami Springs. She coined the phrase "Village Idiot" to tag her opponents with it. But it did not stick and occasionally the current Nery-O uses the phrase as do others back and forth across bantering lines. Marie-s godson is marrying one of Bob Best Daughters which makes Bob Best a made man in the Cavalier Organization. Marie was pistol in her own rights and could argue politics with the best of them. Her last correspondence to Marquez we heard stated " You have been upset at John Cavalier ever since I-ve known you. Did it change anything? No. And now, let it go. He-s too old and sick and feeble to be a threat. Capeesh? Much respect for you, (honest.)". His response to her was "We were inspired by Judge Dudley who stopped Cavalier Sr in the day. By the way, I have never been upset at John. Kathie and I even helped him get elected over McKinzie and he thanked us publically for it. But that does not mean I can stand by and let his forces destroy our City and the futures of an entire new generation of Miami Springs residents that bought into Miami Springs because of its unique low density single family residential character....Capeesh?" RIP Marie you were a special lady in our books and we enjoyed knowing you over the so many years...

Issued codes?





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Beautiful Miami Springs is a quiet residential community located in the heart of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Literally, just minutes away from anything in Miami, it's a slow paced oasis within the larger hustle and bustle of greater Miami.

Miami Springs was founded in 1926 by Glenn Curtiss, also known as the "Father of Naval Aviation." Miami Springs is a middle to upper middle class neighborhood with a mix of blue collar and white collar workers. At the core of Miami Springs is a championship style 18 hole golf course that has hosted hundreds of tournaments and celebrities alike.

Miami Springs has a mix of homes ranging from modest to luxury. Most of the larger, luxury style homes can be found along the beautiful golf course.

Miami Springs has a row of hotels along NW 36 Street, adjacent to Miami International Airport. The proximity to the airport and the 10 - 15 minute distance to the Port of Miami Cruise Ships and South Beach makes Miami Springs a popular hotel destination for tourists from all across the globe.

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